Tonic: The Card & Dice Game for Musicians

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Tonic helps musicians of all kinds become better improvisers and composers. It take a fun, stress-free approach that doesn't depend on complicated theory or prior experience.

Making music can be hard.

Whether you're experienced or just getting started, it's easy to get stuck. The amount of theory, scales, and influences floating around in your head can be overwhelming. Sometimes it feels impossible to know where to begin.

As a musician, I know what it's like. And when I reflected on my own experiences and talked to other people, I realized that I wasn't alone.

Improvisation is the most natural way to make music. Deep down, we are all improvisers. All creative people are.

But somehow, we forgot. And now for many people, making music has become a source of fear and anxiety, rather than of joy and freedom.

I created Tonic because I think improvisation is something that all musicians can learn. Tonic helps open your mind and frees you of the need to sound "good." It has the power to change the way you connect to your instrument and make you a better musician today.

It’s for all musicians -- classical, jazz, rock, professional, beginner, young, or old. You can play it alone or with a group, and you don't need any experience.

The Cards

Some cards tell you what pitches to use. Others have time constraints. Some are for specific instruments. A few are visual. Some ask you to use your computer or phone. Some are meditative, and some are chaotic. Some are straightforward, and some are ... a little abstract.

The main idea: When we are forced to act under certain guidelines, we rise to the challenge. Restriction breeds innovation.

The Dice

Most cards ask you to select pitches, which you can do by rolling the dice. Tonic comes with a set of three 12-sided dice, with each side featuring one note of the chromatic scale.
You can also use the dice for your regular practice routines or compositions. Try using them to pick keys for drills, to come up with unexpected harmonies or melodic lines, or any time you want to introduce an element of randomness into your playing.
  • Learn to create music from nothing. Start composing and improvising today in a low-stress and accessible way. Play music the way you’ve always wanted to-- without anxiety or fear.

  • Break through creative blocks. Free yourself of the written page and tap deep into your subconscious to realize your full potential as an artist and performer.

  • Cure performance anxiety. Practice making music with no safety net, and you will learn to trust yourself and develop confidence in your art. Tonic will help destroy stage fright in all its ugly forms.

  • Train your ears. Without written notes to guide you, you’ll learn to truly listen. Maybe for the first time in your musical life. Tonic will develop your ear and help you translate the ideas in your head through your instrument.

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