Tonic: Theory Edition

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Tonic: Theory Edition is an open-ended practice tool that features 52 of the most common chord progressions from pop, rock, classical, and jazz.

For musicians who want to deepen their knowledge of harmony, train their ears, or sharpen their skills as composers or performers. 

No advanced skills required, just a working knowledge of chord harmony and a desire to learn.

Unlock the most popular and interesting harmonic ideas that musicians have been relying on for centuries and build your skills.


Each card features a repeating 2-8 bar chord progression:

  •  Practice improvising melodies over them, either alone or with a group.
  • Use them as inspiration when you're composing and you get stuck.
  • Transpose them to every key and fully absorb the theory behind them.
  • Change notes, add extensions, and use them as a starting point for something new. 
Example card :

It's the perfect practice tool for any theory nerd, improviser, songwriter, or composer who it looking for something unique.

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